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    Let us educate you on building your credit, proper tax filing and most importantly, the loan process.

    Navigating the complex world of home financing can be stressful!

    Anyone that has taken out a home loan can tell you the paperwork and financial decisions involved can leave you mentally drained and confused about the next step.

    We are here to inform, educate and guide you through these important decisions.

    With 17 years in the business, Prime Home Loans stands on our reputation in our local community. Let us listen, educate and guide you through this process for the best financing outcome.

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  • To find the “Prime Home Loan”, we inform you, the home buyers of the various mortgage programs that exist by quickly analyzing your situation to find your best possible loan.

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  • Real estate is an investment and with all investments, the best service we can give is educating you on the possibilities!

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  • Prime Home Loans can guide you on a path to raise your credit score, file taxes with homeownership in mind and navigate the process giving you the best possible outcome

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  • PRIME HOME LOANS can find the right mortgage for you.

    Sergio Angeles is the Owner/Broker at Prime Home Loans. Sergio has been in the real estate & lending business for over 17 years. Prime Home Loans is committed to listening to our customers, our employees and our business partners. Their needs and wants are always thoughtfully addressed so that solutions directly impact their desires. Our expertise extend past mortgages and encompass all aspects of real estate in our local market so that anyone who enters our door will be ensured to receive solid advice and options they can trust. We will always treat our customers in the way we like to be treated.

  • Home Purchase

    Whether you're saving to purchase your first home or second home, come and talk to us, let us help you reach your homeownership goals, call us today.

  • Refinance

    Need money for Home Improvements or simply need to consolidate Credit Card debt. Property values have increased over the last couple of years. 

  • VA Loans

    Currently in the Armed Forces or once were? We offer VA Loans with 0% down and at a discounted rate. Contact us and find out how we can help achieve your home owner goals.

  • Educate

  • The value of sitting down with a mortgage professional

    By SERGIO ANGELES Let’s pick up where we left off at the end of last month's article shall we? My realtor friends, who are absolute pros, loved it! Some other realtors, not so much; in an effort to turn the other side into really believing the value of sitting down with a

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  • We love helping our neighbors find their dream home!

    Receiving letters like these makes the entire staff so proud we have to share! Dear Prime Home Loans, I don't have enough words to thank Sergio, Liz and all of the Prime Home Loans staff for all the support and help we received with our home purchase and Refinance. We

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