• Sergio Angeles


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    Born into a family of seven and raised in San Jose, CA. I attended San Jose High and San Jose State University. My first big step forward was going to work for a placed named Monarch Truck Center under a gentleman by the name Dick Chagnon. This is where my real education started. I could write an entire book on what I learned at Monarch, but I will only mention one thing here.

    I learned to honor my commitment. Plain and Simple... If I say I am going to do something then I do it! 

         In 2000 my first son Ethan was born and I moved the family to Ben Lomond (located in the Santa Cruz mountains). I took a job at World Savings Bank in Santa Cruz. World Savings not only trained me to be a loan officer but also provided me with a mentor whose name is Bert Web.
         In one year Bert gave me as much of his 30 years experience that he could. I was the top producer in my branch within the first six months. At this point in my life because I was fully armed with the knowledge of how to run a Business (I had gotten from Dick Chagnon), I left World Savings and went into Business for myself as a retail Loan Officer. It was the first time in my life that I was living 100% without a salary.
         From 2001 to 2003 I worked under three different Brokers. I was top producer each year at each place. I really didn't care because I wasn't happy. At all three places everyone working there worried about the money and they often found themselves compromising their morals, values, and ultimately on what is right for the customer.
         In 2004 I had enough of working under people who didn't share my beliefs, so I opened Prime Home Loans (my baby). Right before I left World Savings an old Broker in Salinas told me, "Just stick to what you do and your business will keep on growing". So what is it I do? I help people. Plain and simple as it sounds, it has always been my focus. I could be working in a completely different industry and my focus wouldn't change. I have met with thousands of people with questions that aren't necessarily Real Estate related. Why? Because like I mentioned, my focus is on helping you and I just happen to specialize in Real Estate and Mortgages.